Alpha J. Anders, M.D., FCCP

Alpha J. Anders, M.D., FCCP

Pulmonary Medicine

Who is Dr. Alpha J. Anders?

Alpha Anders, M.D., FCCP, is triple board certified in pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and internal medicine. He has lived in Bakersfield since 1991 – cele­brating his 25-year anniversary – and raised kids who are thriving and excelling in the best academic institutions of the country, a testimony to Bakersfield being a great place to raise children. Dr. Anders enjoys riding his bike and keeping up with technology. He has been chief of staff for the Mercy hospitals, president of Kern County Medical Society and served on many different quality committees for Dignity Health and San Joaquin hospitals.
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What is Comprehensive Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates?

In 1998, we chose to open a private practice that treats all aspects of lung conditions, from a persistent cough to Valley fever, asthma, interstitial lung disease, emphysema and so on. At the office, we provide personalized, old-fashioned care utilizing the latest diagnostic modalities and technology. At the hospital, Dr. Anders focuses on critical care medicine, which is the challenging phase where life support is required.

What sets Dr. Anders and CPCCA apart from other health organizations?

Our moto is: “Where caring is an art and healing is a science.” We get to know our patients. We investigate the presented symp­toms. We look for the unexpected. We listen and we take the time to explain. We partner with our patients to achieve their best state of health and quality of life possible. We support a wide variety of community organizations, from the lung association, CSUB, AYSO and many worthy causes in between.

What services are provided?

The services are lung-related care, diagnosis and treatment, from pulmonary function testing and supplemental oxygen support to sleep-related interventions, Valley fever manage­ment, occupational exposure to airway irritants such as chemi­cals and dust, early detection of lung cancer and so much more.